Upcoming trail improvements in Stratton (by contractors) 
This fall the Parks Dept. will have contractors undertake several trail projects:  – – – Stratton Springs Path will be upgraded and otherwise maintained. The work should be done soon. – – – The Ridge Trail will receive maintenance work probably completed by January / February. – – – Upper Meadows Loop will receive maintenance and some re-routing. This work will hopefully be completed by January / February. 

Other Trail Work Sessions for Volunteers
Every other Thursday PM, Ranger Josh Joyner will be leading volunteer work sessions on projects at Stratton. The schedule is listed at https://coloradosprings.gov/parks-recreation-and-cultural-services/page/volunteer-events-registration?mlid=4466 

Stratton will soon have new signs and maps 
The City will soon be installing upgraded and signage at the Stratton Open Space trailheads and along the trails.  This design phase of this project began in May, 2019. Public input was obtained in November 2019 with Park Board and TOPS Board review and approvals coming later. The final approval was obtained in July, 2020.   Look at the new sign designs at pages 23 – 35 of this report:


Donor Sign at Ridgeway Trailhead is being replaced 
Stratton Open Space is unique among Colorado Springs open space parks. This park land was purchased with generous contributions from the public and then eventually deeded over to the City.  Without these contributions, the property would otherwise be filled with private homes.  A sign listing the generous donors sits just north of the parking lot.  Weather and vandals have taken a toll on the sign’s appearance.  The City and the Friends of Stratton Open Space are splitting the expense of replacing and upgrading the donor sign.  The replacement should appear sometime before February.

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